Patient Testimonials

  • My EGD and Colonoscopy went successfully and without any hurdle post procedure which is quite astounding. The team did their jobs very well and handled me professionally. I would like to thank the team who were present at that moment especially Dr. Massimo Cristaldi for his magnificent role and instructions throughout that process.

    -Lester M.E.
  • One month ago I had my surgery with Dr. Massimo. He was very professional pre-surgery and throughout the procedure, always giving enough advice to make you feel informed and relax. His team provided a high quality and friendly service at all time. What is more important the outcome of my surgery has been excellent.

    -George Z.
  • I would like to thank Dr. Cristaldi for the great efforts. I am happy from your high quality services, my best regards to all HSMC team.

    -Saed A.
  • I had my endoscopy exam with Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. A Great team led by a Great and human professional as Dr Massimo. I highly recommend this clinic and its staff.

    -Marco T.
  • Dr. Massimo Cristaldi and all HSMC staff from reception team, nursing team and Doctors are amazing, their hospitality and treatment professionalism is outstanding at all levels. Dr. Massimo, had reflected how professionalism and humanitarian approach towered patient and patient complaint could enhance and result with better treatment and faster recovery. Dr. Massimo had always attend and clear/clarify all my queries before and after the procedures. I highly recommend Harley Street medical center and its Colorectal Clinic lead by Dr. Massimo.

    -Saib M.
  • Dr. Massimo Cristaldi was excellent, he explains well the procedure and very professional. I highly recommend him as your surgeon. His skills are remarkable.

  • Everyone at Harley Street was very well organized, efficient, polite and helpful. Dr. Cristaldi's team were excellent throughout my procedure which was carried out promptly, without any unnecessary waiting.

    -Richard F, U.K.
  • Dr. Cristaldi and his team provide a very professional and friendly service. The pre-op and post-op information was excellent and very responsive to patient questions and concerns. What's more the outcome of my operation has been very good.

    -Kevin G
  • Dr. Cristaldi was excellent, providing clear advice pre-op and post-op. The staff were highly professional and the care was first class.

    -Kenny M
  • I couldn't believe I could find such well trained, professional and kind staff, and most of all, such a great doctor as Dr Massimo, in Abu Dhabi. I had never trusted hospitals abroad and I used to go back to my homecountry. Now I know at HSMC I can be safe.

    -Daniela D
  • Excellent experience - professional, knowledgeable team very capably led by Dr. Massimo. The standard of care was first class, from start to finish.

    -Kathy Cusack
  • Well trained and disciplined staff. Made me feel comfortable and informed.

    -Troy K.
  • Excellent experience, despite was a medical exam, received from all medical team and Dr. Massimo. A great treatment! Very good clinic!

    -Stefano A.
  • Dr. Massimo and all staff were excellent! I highly recommend the facility to others for specific procedures that need to be taken care of.

    -Kenyatta W.
  • Brilliant! Same as last visit. So consistent brilliance! Keep it up!

    -Dominic L.
  • BExcellent experience! Thank you Dr. Manish and Dr. Massimo!

    -Kathleen C.
  • Very professional. Thank you to all the staff!

    -Peter M.
  • All great services, medical care and support staff. Keep it up HSMC!

    -Saadia S.
  • I had never trust hospitals and I used to escape. But now I enjoy coming to Harley Street to meet nice people and get really better health. Thank you all, Harley Staff!

    -Khaled A.
  • My experience with HSMC and Dr. Cristaldi was great. Proficient approach and clear evaluation with explanation of the condition. Dr. Cristaldi and his assistant helped me through my surgery and through my recovery period with all the support I need.

    -Mohamed M.
  • My overall experience with HSMC is superb. I am satisfied with my THD surgery. Thank you, Dr. Cristaldi and Dr. Gary for your help! These doctors are professionals, very informative and explained me everything in detail about procedures. All staff, especially, Ms. Hannah, was very supportive and caring.

    -G. A
  • The level of care provided by Dr. Massimo, Dr. Hartstein and Nurse Giron has been simply outstanding. I feel so fortunate to have been treated for my hernia by this exceptional team of professionals. I will not hesitate to refer anyone I know and care about to their services. Thank you for everything!

    -A. Montoya
  • Dr. Cristaldi is so friendly and comforting. He was reassuring and thorough. He explained everything and it was a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for helping me have a positive Colonoscopy experience, for the first time.

    -C. H
  • Excellent care and treatment. All were very kind and warm. I was very anxious but all staff, nurses and Dr. Massimo were excellent and patient with my fears and showed warmth for the entire process!

    -V. C.
  • Very satisfied with the care I have received at HSMC. I am feeling good after the procedure by Dr. Massimo!

    -R. B.
  • Excellent service! Dr. Cristaldi is excellent!

    -H. A.
    United Kingdom
  • The clinic staff are caring and professional, Dr Massimo Cristaldi and the medical team put you at ease before and after any procedure is carried out now felling a lot better, more than exceeded my expectation

    -Tom G.
    United Kingdom
  • Dr. Massimo has excellent bedside care. Good experience all around!

  • I love the team of Dr. Massimo, who takes his time, and Hannah! Everyone is extremely friendly!

  • I had the operation on Jan 2017 now can happily appreciate the professionalism and the outstanding experience of Dr Massimo for the comfortable feeling I have today.

    -Rubaie S
  • I was very scared before my surgery, but Dr. Massimo and his staff did a very good job. I’m really happy now!!!

    -Yicet A
  • Pays attention to details when monitoring your medical history, comfortable in making decisions about his patients care and treatment. I will consult Dr.Cristaldi for any health problem

    -Wassim K.
  • Very impressed with everything. Dr. Massimo is great! Excellent nurses too!

    -Aniko B.
  • On Dec 29 of 2016, I had my Umbilical Hernia and Colonoscopy procedures performed at the same time by Dr. Massimo Cristaldi.

    -Greg T.
  • Everyone in my procedure was very professional and courteous. I didn’t have any discomfort during the procedure, all very good. Excellent care from the nursing staff and Dr. Cristaldi.

    -Cheryl H.
  • Staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Very pleasant stay at HSMC. Dr. Massimo and Hannah are exceptional!

    -Jane B.
  • I highly recommend HSMC for a Colonoscopy and could not praise Dr. Massimo more highly!

    -Jennifer W.
  • When I met Dr Cristaldi to say I was scared and frighten was an understatement. I had been fighting surgery for many years and I finally had to give in to ensure my health could and would get back to 100%.

    -Maria Brown-Inglis
  • All my very best New Year wishes to Dr Cristaldi and the colorectal surgical team! I cannot be more grateful to everyone in the HSMC clinic for their professionalism, kindness and care.

    -Mihaela D.
  • I would like to say thank you to Dr. Cristaldi and his entire team. I really felt comfortable and you all have done a great job!

    -Daniel H.
  • Dr Cristaldi is extremely professional and a first-class doctor. My experience of being treated by him was excellent

    -Simon C.
  • Dear Dr Cristaldi

    I wanted to sincerely thank you for your efficiency, care, professionalism and personability. I am glad I didn't go another pathway other than yours. PS. I wish you 'LIFT' everybody with an AF. God Bless.

  • Dr Cristaldi and his team were amazing! Dr Cristaldi explained my procedure, answered all my questions and put me at ease prior to surgery. The nursing staff were very supportive and knowledgeable and the facilities at Harley Street exceeded my expectations.

    -Jane B
  • Dear Dr Massimo

    Just a quick note to say thank you again for everything you did for me in Abu Dhabi. Could you please pass on my sincerest gratitude to the anesthetist and your entire team. I am sure that without the immediate surgery I would not be here in Sydney recovering well.

  • Four weeks ago I had my inguinal hernia repaired. It was a successful operation and the technique used by Dr Massimo Cristaldi has allowed a surprisingly quick recovery. I am impressed by the professionalism of Dr. Massimo and all the staff supporting him.

    -Marco M
  • I was quite apprehensive to have surgery away from my home country. However, I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. With excellent results with minimal scaring following surgery, I am glad I trusted Dr. Massimo and had my umbilical hernia repaired.

  • I came to Harley Street to see Dr. Cristaldi and was feeling very sick. Him and his friendly team welcomed me and I was put on medications to help me feel better till my procedure was booked (within few days).

  • I have been to HSMC on a number of occasions lately and have seen a number of doctors there attempting to get my general health back in order. I had surgery with Dr Cristaldi on Thursday 2 June and at the end of May.

    -Paula M
  • I recently had a colonoscopy carried out by Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. His professional and personal touch is exceptional. The medical team in the operating room and recovery room is very professional and friendly and makes a patient feel comfortable.

    -Salahuddin A
  • Very professional service.

  • Dr.Massimo is a great surgeon who has improved the quality of life of many patients through his professionalism as a surgeon and as a kind human. He treated me from a long-lasted fistula condition which has once troubled my life.

    -Mohamed Abbas
  • I am so grateful to Dr Massimo and the medical team at Harley Street Medical Centre. Dr Massimo performed a Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD) to correct a hemorrhoidal problem.

    -Graham P
  • It was a great experience, I am very impressed about the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Massimo and their respect toward the patient as well as the comfortable environment

  • After several years of suffering from Diverticulitis, Dr Cristaldi performed a removal of a section of the colon to end constant infections. Following surgery I suffered unexpected severe complications demanding the constant care and medical support from Dr Cristaldi and his team for an extended period.

    -Sven Rennhard
  • I am a UK National and recently had an emergency endoscopy of my oesophagus performed by Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. He did this with the utmost care, diligence and professionalism. He took time to explain the procedure beforehand and gave useful feedback on post-surgery care afterwards. The anaethetist and all nurses at Harley Street Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi were also very professional.

    - Rob
  • From last 4 years the time I left Newzealand I was in search of a professional experienced doctor and team to remove my lipoma on back. Finally I am glad to see Dr.Massimo Cristaldi. His professionalism and approach to patients is excellent, I have to thank his wonderful team of nurses, Anesthesians. Each person who works are well trained and follows international world class standards. Because of the team all went smooth. I thank everyone.

    -Lakshmi B.
    New Zealand
  • I was introduced to Dr. Massimo because I was not keen on undergoing colonoscopy or surgery for one suspected polyp. It had to be non-invasive and what were the odds? Dr. Massimo the friendly surgeon came to my rescue and gave me an option which is known as ' Cologuard'. This is basically a DNA test of the stools which gives highly accurate results to confirm if a patient is suffering from bowel cancer. I do recommend Dr. Massimo as he is a super doc.

    -Rally D
    Sri Lanka
  • Hi everyone!! I got a surgery with Dr. Massimo Cristaldi and finally I solved my hemorrhoids problem. I have always been scared from this surgery but when i met Dr. Massimo he explained to me everything in the details and I decided to do it. The surgery was really fast and not painful at all. All the staff took care of me for all the day and also Dr. Massimo. Even the days after I was ok, I didn't have pain or problems and when I had some questions Dr.Massimo was there for me, all the time. So I can recommend to you the Clinic and absolutely Dr. Massimo. Thank you very much!!

  • Our son suffered from an acute appendicitis that was removed by endoscopy in the HSMC. Dr. Massimo Cristaldi is a great surgeon, but most of all we were impressed by his dedication to the patient. His caring approach, his professionalism and ambition to just treat the patient best in challenging circumstances went far beyond what could have been expected. We are pleased to have experienced exceptional service by the whole team of doctors and personnel that took best care of our son for this in-patient surgery. In addition, the high standard of the facility, the nice patient room and the friendly service helped to recover soon.

    -Elke P
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